Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Edward Swift Amarillo, TX, USA

Posted: 2016-06-06

Think and Grow Rich Lessons

Are you afraid of ghosts? We have all been haunted by them no matter how brave we appear to be. They are INDECISION, DOUBT, and FEAR. These three spooks have at some point in time paralyzed us from taking action. They act as mental roadblocks and they do their absolute best to keep us from succeeding in life. But just like you've seen it done in old western movies, these hombres must be run out of town!

It is impossible for the sixth sense to function properly when this unholy trinity of demons are wreaking havoc in in our minds. You can also be 100% certain that when one demon appears that the other two are close behind. They attempt to trick us into playing a game of follow-the-leader.

First, indecision comes along and says follow me as I lead you in circles to nowhere. After you are dizzy and confused then comes along doubt and asks you, how did you get here? Do you even know where you are going in life? Do you even know what you want out of life? When you answer, "I think I know what I want, but wait I don't know how to get there. After indecision and doubt have abandoned you then fear comes along and says, "don't worry about it. You'll never succeed anyway, so just follow me and that leaves you scared and afraid as you continue to go round-in-round in vicious circles.

These enemies are very sneaky and we often don't detect their presence until we feel lost and confused. They like to hide deep in our subconscious mind and come out to play when we least expect them to show up. They cause us to doubt ourselves and to ask, why is so and so successful and I am not, when the fact is we have never gotten off the merry-go-round of indecision, doubt and fear and started living life!

It's time to break the vicious cycle.


There are six basic fears that must be confronted and eliminated...

  1. The fear of POVERTY
  2. The fear of CRITICISM
  3. The fear of ILL HEALTH
  4. The fear of LOSS OF LOVE OF SOMEONE
  5. The fear of OLD AGE
  6. The fear of DEATH

These are the most common enemies of success

When we are young we fear poverty so we don't take risks. As we get older we fear criticism because we would not take those risks to succeed. We have worried ourself sick wondering how we are going to pay the bills and by pining over past regrets. Now we have ill health. We fear old age because our health is failing. And now that we are old and ill we ultimately fear death.

A person who suffers from these fears will quite literally die scared to death, one step at a time, unless they confront and eliminate these fears! But fear is only a state of mind that is controlled by our thoughts. Thoughts eventually materialize themselves in the physical world, so we must alter our state of mind to eliminate these ghosts and focus only on thoughts that will bring us what we trully want. Ones that will lead us to success!

So what is the moral of the story? Monitor those involuntary and those voluntary thoughts to become successful and create what you want out of life!