Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-06-01

                                        CHAPTER 14 THE SIXTH SENSE THE DOOR TO THE TEMPLE OF WISDOM

                                        The Thirteenth Step toward Riches

                                        This last week I made use of my sixth sense while we were in the Phoenix area.
                                        Our daughter, Barbara, was going to the store to buy things for the graduation
                                        party. I saw a Petsmart store and told Lucy, "that store has exactly the kitten
                                        you have been wanting."

                                        Our daughter had to go to a Michael's store that was right near the Petsmart
                                        store. The store had two kittens, about 3 months old. Lucy observed them for a
                                        while to determine which one she wanted. They had had their two shots, were
                                        neutered and had a chip. The cost was less than we would have paid here in town
                                        if we had adopted one here and had paid for those items.

                                        Boots, due to his white front legs and white hind paws, proved to be a very good
                                        traveler. He slept most of the way home at Lucy's feet. After two days, he, and
                                        our miniature Poodle, are getting along fine. He is a talking and very loveable
                                        cat, exactly what Lucy wanted.

                                        As Ken Klemm says, the Universe is smarter than we are.

                                        Hill says, "The "flashes" are sometimes called "hunches" or "inspirations".

                                        I had that "Flash" when I saw the Petsmart store. I acted immediately. If we
                                        can't act immediately we must have pen and paper handy at all times to write
                                        that "flash" down, because it will flee as quickly as it arrived and we will not
                                        be able to remember what it was.

                                        I often get these "flashes" and either implement or write them down. They have
                                        served me well. I've hit a brick wall several times promoting my ebook. These
                                        "hunches" and "inspirations" have served me well.

                                        I thank Michael and Linda for having created such a powerful training here in
                                        MFF that allows us to be able to achieve anything we can conceive. It only
                                        depends on how COACHABLE we decide to be. Thank you Michael and Linda.

                                        I also thank each member of our 9 weekly calls who form a master mind group as
                                        Hill suggests. Lynn Gunterman proved just how powerful her hunch can be on last
                                        night's Live Client call when she suggested we all give energy to the call that
                                        was about to be made. AWESOME, Lynn!

                                        Bob Shoaf
                                        Alamogordo, NM

                                        PS: I also am very appreciative of all who have download my ebook and allowed
                                        the two of us to form a master mind group as Hill suggests. We are helping each
                                        other to progress along our journey. I send many thanks to each of you. I will
                                        believe in you until you believe in yourself.