Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-06-01

We can be told of any opportunity or danger before it occurs when we are attuned to our own sixth sense, allowing us to take advantage of the opportunity or to avoid the danger. There are many stories relating to our sixth sense which comes to our aid to build our business. This can be by telling us those we need to talk with and help out.

Sometimes we can be guided to call a person and they were thinking about us. Our sixth sense can pick up on the emotional state of those around us or within our lives. That we may pickup on anger or a destructive emotion before hand. We may need to learn to tune into those positive emotions and tune out the negative emotions if they are coming from us.

We must keep ourselves in the positive emotions to be able to communicate with the sixth sense and let go of all the pain from past loves, past relationships, even mentors or parents who may of let us down. That is a area that have to work on and learning to realize when I am needing to take action about an area. There was a lot of hurt and pain in a number of relationships and its time to let go of that pain.

Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your ongoing love, support, acceptance and encouragement that You have given us all. Thanks to my own mentor Ken Klemm for Your ongoing guidence.

With love and appreciation,

Your friend for life

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia