Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-05-30

Chapter 14, The Sixth Sense

How did you find Mentoring for Free?  I'm guessing your sixth sense had something to do with it.  In my case I got the urge to revisit IBO Toolbox.  I had joined at some previous time and forgotten about it. At the time I was struggling with my network marketing business...I had done really well my first year and even sponsored someone who was a real go getter and immediately signed up a ton of people.  My business took off...I thought I had made it.

Then the second year came along.  My super star went to another company, and I was having no luck at all signing anyone else up.  I acted on the hunch to join IBO and soon thereafter got an email from Bob Shoaf asking me if I wanted a free ebook.  

The sixth sense offers guidance about which direction to go and if we are awake we receive it.  We still have to take action, and have enough faith in the guidance we receive to be persistent when obstacles arise.  About 10 years ago I downloaded the ebook the first time, attended a few calls and dropped out.  My sixth sense was working but I didn't have the strength of focus to stay on course.

This is why Hill tells us that we have to understand the previous 12 principles to use the 6th's no good without faith, persistence, auto-suggestion, specialized knowledge, a master mind group and the other 7 principles.  Acting on some of them helps us clear our minds so we hear the hunches, while the others help us stay on track when we hear and act on them.

Part of the challenge is recognizing that we need to change how we do things. (Otherwise why are we here?)  This can be changes in the actions we take but also in our attitudes.  Michael's story about how he always avoided green personalities until his sixth sense alerted him to what he had lost by having that attitude, is a good one.  We all have our prejudices about people and we are all paying a price for that as he was. 

What is your sixth sense telling you about the people and situations you are avoiding or trying to change (or sell)?  Recently someone tried to convince me to join them by telling me all that was wrong with Mentoring for Free.  There was a time when I would have tried to zing him back.  Now I know sixth sense screamed at me to instead tell him politely to back off.  It's not my business to change him...only to change myself.


Celeste Smucker   Nellysford, VA