Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, USA

Posted: 2016-05-27


   “The chapter on the sixth sense was included, because the book
is designed for the purpose of presenting a complete philosophy by
which individuals may unerringly guide themselves in attaining
whatever they ask of life. The starting point of all achievement
is DESIRE. The finishing point is that brand of KNOWLEDGE which leads
to understanding-understanding of self, understanding of others,
understanding of the laws of Nature, recognition and understanding

   You may have guessed by now that one of the dreams on my bucket list
is to learn how to fly. Let me share another desire from my list; to
visit and climb spiral staircase of a real lighthouse. Taking one step
at a time is mindful of those who tended the light those many years ago.
Touching the walls where hands laid, smell of salted air thrown up by the
spray of the sea, seeing the light at the top of the stairs, standing
before the wind blowing from the oceans below. This would be a place full
of memories and history.

   From this chapter, I feel as if Mr. Hill has taken me to such a lighthouse,
A Lighthouse of Purpose. Hill Wrote, “The SIXTH SENSE is that portion of the
subconscious mind which has been referred to as the Creative Imagination. It
has also been referred to as the "receiving set" through which ideas, plans,
and thoughts flash into the mind.”

   Just as in a lighthouse, to reach the top I have to climb the spiral steps,
one step at time, reminding myself not to skip a step for all steps must be used.
The steps are all laid out for me in TGR. I can imagine Mr. Hill as my tour guide
as he points to each step. That first step is a Burning Desire, the starting point
of all achievement. The next one is Faith, the belief in its attainment.

   Upward we go. The third step is Auto-Suggestion, doing my self-talk to influence
my sub-conscious mind. We ascend the steps of Specialized Knowledges and Imagination.
That 6th step calls for an Organized Plan, followed by Decision, (I will get it done).
Up we climb now to “Persistence,” there to point out that it is the sustained effort
necessary to induce faith.

   As we get higher, a little fatigue starts to set in. What’s that step before me.
It the Mastermind, having strength of the group to carry me forward. Rounding the
spiral, the step Sex Transmutation, uses the strength of the emotions to drive me
forward and connect with the Subconscious Mind. We are almost there. Just one step.
There is The Brain, the broadcasting and receiving station for thought.

   I find myself of the platform of the Sixth Sense asking myself how Napoleon Hil
knew what those men on his imaginary counsel would say or how they might react.
My conclusion; he had studied them, read their works, and interviewed some of them.
With this in mind and something Michael said on a resent leadership call, for me to
be a leader, I must be a reader of good books and/or a listener of great CD’s.
I took
note of my books, CD’s and audio books and saw my imaginary council would have been
Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Norman Vincent Peale, Michael Dlouhy, Tom “Big Al”
Schreiter, Christ, Salomon, the Apostle Paul, Stephen R. Covey, David B. Lancaster,
Bodie & Brock Thoene and more.

   I know that as I step on the platform of Sixth Sense, the bright light to wisdom
is there before me. Just as the beam of the lighthouse shoots forth to guide and
protect the ship off the coast, I can stand as a beacon for others. I too I can be
washed in the stream of light show by others.  As Mr. Hill said, find a power, or a
First Cause, or an Intelligence, which permeates every atom of matter, and embraces
every unit of energy perceptible to man. I understand I am called to seek the lights
around and be a light to others, and let it aide others who seek a better way.

   Thanks to Michael, Linda, MFF mentors, and those connecting with me who are those
beacons for me.

Nathan Grimes

Lubbock, TX USA