Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogerville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2016-05-27

Chapter 14

The Sixth Sense

Reading the chapter this morning Hill is teaching me how to use the sixth sense it is referred to as the creative imagination and receiving set. Ideas, thoughts, plans, hunches, inspirations negative or positive flash into my mind all the time when I am driving shopping or sitting at the boat house watching the sunrise.

Many times the sixth sense will warn you of incoming danger and many times it will aid you in time to embrace a opportunities. You have to be ready at all times to recognize when the sixth sense is talking to you and if it is negative or positive.

When you are traveling you stop for gas go inside to pay a pump can’t talk to you a cashier can. Eating in a restaurant reading a book or paper is just you smiling and looking at people could be your friend walking in a shopping center and eyes glued to the floor doesn’t help smiling at people and saying HI can help.

There are many wonderful things that brings your sixth sense into a positive action you just have to keep trying until you find the special one that helps you reach your goal.

I thank Mr. Hill for his book and Michael and Linda and their wonderful family for giving their time and life to help us reach our goals.

 Ernest Tucker