Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lynn Gunterman Louisville , Kentucky , USA

Posted: 2016-05-26

The Sixth Sense can also be referred to as huntches, inspirations, a strong thought or feeling, premonitions, a small voice you hear in your head, or even deju vu.  These can be positive or negative.  I've had experiences with all of these since I was a little girl.  I soon learned of others skepticism and them feeling uncomfortable because of their lack of knowledge and I learned early on whom I could share my experiences with and whom I couldn't. I've even had attacks from people that accused me of being a witch or even being possessed!!  I learned how to turn them all off, but be careful when doing this because it is harder to turn them back on then it is to turn them off!!  

I've been awakened in the middle of the night by God telling me to pray for a certain person.  Sometimes God will tell me exactly what to pray for but a lot of times he just tells me to pray, pray now.  One night when God had woken me up, he was giving me certain instructions.  I was just laying there in bed saying "Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. I got it."  Then God told me to get out of the bed now and write it all down.  I told him, "Okay, first thing in the morning when I get up, I will write everything down."  He sternly said, "NO Lynn! Get up right now and write this down so you don't forget it in the morning!"  God and I went back and forth like this a couple minutes, until I got up throwing off all my blankets and fussing "Fine!  You are not going to let me sleep anyway!  SO I AM UP!" (My mom tells me all the that I should not argue with God.  I tell her, it's okay, he knows me and he knows at times I might put up a fuss with him, but he knows I am listening to him and will stop and do what he's telling me.)  So I get up and get my notebook and pen and start writing word for word everything he's telling him.  When I'm finished writing everything down, THEN he tells me, "Okay Lynn, I want you to go before the church and deliver this message to the entire congregation!"  WHAT God!  You want me to do WHAT!!  I told him, "I will give this to Brother Paul-the preacher.  He again told me sternly, "You are the one I gave this message to.  You are the one I want to deliver the message."  God and I ended up having a lot of conversations, mainly him scorning me, over the next two weeks.  Then I gave in.  I went to Brother Paul with my notes this Sunday morning right before the service and told him what God was telling me to do.  He asked me to share the message with him first before he could give me permission or an approval to share the message with the church.  So I went over it with him and when I'd finished, he just smiled at me and said "Yes Lynn, this is exactly what everyone needs to hear.  I'll call on you after the worship before I preach."  I was so nervous!!  Then he called on me.  On my way to the podium, I prayed the whole time asking God to speak through me.  After the service was over, I had so many people come up to me, telling me they felt I was talking directly to them and that was exactly what they needed to hear!  A few told me that they knew the message came from God because all 3 personal stories I shared all lined up together and was also exactly what Brother Paul had preached on.  It's funny because after this, several people (a lot that wouldn't even ever speak to me) would come to me and ask me to pray for someone or them about all kinds of different stuff.  I'd already been going there over 3 years by this time, and some of these people wouldn't have anything at all to do with me because I was a divorced single mother with two little boys and even a few of them were scared to death of my youngest son because of his handicap!  There are so many stories I could share on this chapter.  

Well, this chapter finishes my first time through the entire book.  3 months with Mentoring For Free and I feel I have already learned a lot from everybody!!  I can't wait to see where this growth continues to lead me!!  Can't wait to see your's and my growth in 3 years and even 33 years!  

God bless each of you and to you all much success!

Lynn Gunterman, Louisville Kentucky