Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Valentine Houston, Texas, United States

Posted: 2016-05-25

Chapter 13 – The Brain

The sun is a powerful source of energy that creates and maintains our planet.  We can’t look directly into its bright radiance without going blind.

You can avoid the sun’s light by staying inside, sitting in the shade when outside or only venturing out in the early morning or evening when rays are low.  But you’ll receive little benefit from the sun’s power.  To get more use of the sun’s energy, you can be active outside – hiking, surfing, skiing, boating and other activities.  You’ll feel the warmth of the sun and appreciate the beauty it creates.

To focus the sun’s energy, you can use a magnifying glass to create a sunbeam that can melt plastic.  You can make a solar oven from boxes, black paper, tin foil and glass.  Put the oven outside and direct the sun’s rays to the oven, and you can boil water or make cookies.    Use a series of Fresnel lenses directed to capture the sun’s rays, and you can run a solar energy plant that can provide electricity to a small town.

The sun represents the Infinite Intelligence of the universe.  It’s all around us, and every living thing has access to it.  How the energy is accessed is up to us.  We can avoid the sun at all costs, lurking in the shadows of life.  But how many of our dreams will become reality that way?  Or we can choose to focus the energy of the Infinite Intelligence by using our brain. 

When we start on a journey of personal development, we are magnifying glasses that pinpoint the sun’s rays in a small area.  It takes work to keep the glass in place to make sure the light stays focused.  Yet as we develop ourselves, eliminate distractions that cloud our lens, steady our minds to stay focused, we can become a Fresnel lens that can concentrate the sun’s energy to a single, intense, pinpoint beam.  Add a mastermind group of fellow Fresnel lenses, and the cosmic energy of the sun is mind-blowing.  The brain is the lens where we interact with the Infinite Intelligence of the universe.  We can keep ourselves in the shadows of life or we can magnify the sun’s brilliance and harness its power to heart-stirring levels.

Sharon Valentine

Houston, TX