Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2016-05-24

To be an attractive person like a magnet you must be enthusiasthic and on Fiyah genuinely. You can't make believe it because peoples subconscious minds pick up on it. 

Everything in life happens for a reason. Stop trying to fix things out. Nobody likes that. It will drive you crazy just like in Britney Spears song You Drive Me Crazy! STOP and being in the now!

Driving people crazy does NOT work because its game over and its no different than someone making a reservation for his daughters wedding and going back and forth because he is unsure for whatever reason.

And another thing if you are uncertain no followers.

Every negative situation must be turned into a positive one.

Finally let your haters be your motivators!

Launch and learn or else your plane will crash and burn!

And just like Tom Schrieter always talks about is to learn skills or watch people run for the hills!

Just do all that today and avoid the delay!!

Lawrence Bergfeld