Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gary Nott Barnhart, Missouri, United States

Posted: 2016-05-24

Chapter 13 The Brain


Our awesome Creator has not left us alone, hermetically sealed, cut off from any external, invisible, input to this marvelous organ….the brain. It is our personal broadcasting and receiving station for thought.


We have this amazing ability to communicate with others, mutually, through our creative imagination that has been emotionally stimulated and elevated to a high vibration. This puts us in harmony of like-minded individuals on the same vibration (frequency). By this means, hunches, suggestions and urges can be sent and received, regardless of proximity to others. We can 'tune-in' and harmonize with others. In

mff, the communication is so positive, uplifting and inspiring.


My mind is stimulated by these lessons, and the sharing input from each person helps me understand better and more clearly, how to think.

It is sincerely appreciated …..Gary