Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Larry Griffin Shererville, IN, US

Posted: 2016-05-23

                                                       Chapter 13  

                                                        The Brain 


I notice when pursuing a goal or desire with intensity, my thoughts seem to speed up, both the coming and going of thought. Ideas and inspirations come at a much faster rate and depart just as quickly. I've heard Michael say many times keep a pad and pen al around the house so when these thoughts come they can be written down, or you will lose them. 

In this chapter I heard the word order when referring to brain cells, there are patterns and order in the operation of the universe, order and harmony play a big role in the entire process of life. Have you ever noticed when you make a right decision the emotion is one of comfort, however when that decision is not in line with order and harmony the feeling is discomfort. When we receive a thought from another brain when it is positive and in line with the order and harmony of the universe you feel stimulated and energized. 

The most wondrous tool man has at his disposal is the human brain, it's powers of telepathy are still not fully understood. The wonderful education I pick up from studing this book are the powerful resources we as human being have at our disposal, one positive thought traveling from one brain to another can change the world when picked up and acted upon by one brain at a time. 

I believe once we understand the power of sending and receiving messages from one human to another is an awesome responsibility to keep those thoughts as positive as possible for the good of all man kind. 

God bless each and every one of you beautiful people who strive to improve the world one thought at a time from one brain to another. 

A special thanks to Michael and Linda for leading this group in the way of harmony and order. 

Larry Griffin