Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-05-23

Chapter 13 - The Brain

I see and hear things all the time, and yet, I don't act on
everything I see and hear.  I have missed some great
opportunities and delayed the growth in my business because
I was not aware of some of the things I missed even though I
heard it with my ears but it did not penetrate to my subconscious

Hill tells us "When the brain is vibrating at a rapid rate, it 
not only attracts thoughts and ideas released by other brains through 
the medium of the ether, but it gives to one’s own thoughts that “feeling”
which is essential before those thoughts will be picked up and acted 
upon by one’s subconscious mind. Thus, you will see that the broadcasting 
principle is the factor through which you mix feeling, or emotion with your 
thoughts and pass them on to your subconscious mind."

Yes I can pick up thoughts from others but what Hill is telling me 
is that if I don't have that "feeling", those thoughts will not be 
picked up and acted upon by my subconscious mind. 

Some of the definitions in the dictionary of "feeling" is to be conscious 
of a physical or mental state; the undifferentiated background of one's awareness 
considered apart from any identifiable sensation, perception, or thought;
the overall quality of one's awareness; and conscious recognition.  

I get on the MFF calls, listen to the trainings, I advertise
the e-book, I get downloads and call the people, and help them 
through the system.   I can do all those things and believe I
am putting my everything into building my business. I put all
that time in and if it does not produce what I expect, I have
to ask myself - what am I missing? 

I could be missing that "feeling" and because of missing that
feeling all my tasks are just routine.  I can do the tasks without
even thinking and it becomes a habit just like walking became
a habit and now I walk without even thinking.  In business
and dealing with people I cannot become a robot because I
lose that "feeling" and others pick up on it.  People want
to deal with people they know, like and trust.  If we are
robots there is no "feeling". 

I have heard someone say something and I know I have heard it
before, but it did not "click" for me at that time and this time
when I hear the same thing, it "clicks" and makes sense. 

So when I do my tasks, I need to be "in the now" with "feeling" 
and emotion so the thoughts I choose to accept, pass on to my 
subconscious mind.

Hill tells us "The subconscious mind is the “sending station” 
of the brain, through which vibrations of thought are broadcast. 
The Creative Imagination is the “receiving set,” through which 
the vibrations of thought are picked up from the ether."

So to get the full benefit of my "sending station" and my
"receiving set" I need to feed it with feeling and emotion
so that I do not starve my subconscious mind of the things
I see and hear that would accelerate my growth in any area
of my life.

Tuula Rands