Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-05-23

Amongst the many great songs in one of my favourite movies ever, the incredible “Bugsy Malone” is one containing these truly powerful words. “We could've been anything that we wanted to be and it's not too late to change” and - “Yes, that decision was ours”.

The last five words absolutely sum up the incredible power held within the brain of every one of us.

Although using adult voices with child actors almost all the songs have important and positive messages about how much we are able to take charge and control our own destinies if we want to.

Once we understand that we are in charge learning to use our built in toolkit becomes a much simpler process.

We already know the emotion of sex stands front and centre of the list of human emotions, as far as intensity and driving force are concerned. I also like to believe the desire to be always better than we are is equally strong within each of us.

Discussed by Drs. Bell and Gates along with Professor Rhine and demonstrated over centuries, the brain even has the power to send and receive thoughts and ideas often over great distances. The Greeks called this strange power ‘telepathy’. Mr. Hill explains the three principles needed to apply and use this power or ‘tune in’ your receiver.

If proof was needed of the existence of the hidden powers we hold, certainly the recent Invicta Games provided amazing examples of people using determination drive and desire, all powers held within our brain to overcome incredible obstacles and challenges in their lives to achieve what many would simply have never believed possible. Given the advantages most of us have over those competitors, surely achieving our own ambitions should be a far simpler matter,as the song says – it’s not too late to change?

John Smith. Gloucester UK