Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-05-22

The brain houses not only matter, but the subconcious and the creative intangible parts we call the mind. How wonderfully we are created to be able to harness the power of thought and bring into existence that which we think. Isn't that what our creator did to bring about the existence of every conglomeration of every atom seen and unseen into another realm, this realm we call reality. If thoughts are things, then it stands to reason that the unseen and intangible is as real as the things we can touch, feel and see. It just amazes me how one force, the force of thought energy transmutation can be so powerful. Without the subconcious mind doing the sending and the creative mind doing the receiving nothing would exist. We would be still in caves if we did not use out broadcasting and receiving stations to foster the inventions that we enjoy today. The desire to improve or innovate comes out of our subconscious and bares the burden of strong desires vibrating at high frequency, and by broadcasting these highly vibrating thoughts charged with emotions such as sex, love and other positive emotions attracts the minds of God knows who, then employs  the creative imagination to work out the desired outcome. To me that is supernatural and astonishing. We have the innate ability to change the world to a better one, if only more of us would dare to think it. The reason we went to the moon was one man's strongest desire Kennedy to beat the Russians and be the first to go there. Kennedy transmuted this to the scientists verbally and through his subconscious and the scientist (Wernher Von Braun) picked up on his stronger desire and highly charged vibration of thought mixed with passion and came up with the vehicle that traversed space to the moon and back.

We have inherited the ability to create that we which we think, and to me that proves we are truly created in our heavenly father's image. Let us then dare to dream dreams that will put to rest all negativity towards our fellow man. We can do it,  we can change the world one being at the time. Right here and right now with our profound thinkers of our profound mastermind group. Lead by our profound leaders Michael and Linda Dlouchy. Our objective may not be directly of that nature, but by raising the consciousness of each member in our group puts to rest the idea that man can no coexist.